A story of family, community, and a love for building beautiful homes.


The Chirco family has been building custom quality homes for over a half century, beginning with Giuseppe Chirco, who built his first home for sale in Riverview, Michigan in the 1960’s.  Coming from Italy in the late 1950’s, Giuseppe embraced the American dream whole heartedly.

Starting with nothing more than the clothes on his back, he worked hard in every opportunity that was given to him. Within a few years of arriving in the states, Giuseppe met his bride, Antonietta and started a family in Wyandotte, Michigan. Soon after, he found his passion in the building trades. Beginning as an apprentice carpenter, he worked tirelessly to master that trade.

A very personable man, he was well liked in the community and soon used his skills and knowledge to become a licensed builder. Working as a carpenter by day, he spent evening hours and weekends to build that first home.  Several years and homes would be built until 1978 when he took the bold step of leaving a secure job to go on his own as a full time builder. Soon after, using the family name, he formed Chirco Construction Company


Ten lots were purchased in Canton, Michigan, and despite the recession at the time, he managed to not only fulfill his obligation to complete the houses, he purchased more lots to meet the demand. As the 1980’s entered, Chirco Construction Company branched out into other communities, in Novi, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Salem Plymouth and Northville Township.

In the mid 1980’s, his son Anthony Chirco joined his father, after becoming the first family member to obtain a college degree. Having spent most of his childhood helping his father, learning many aspects of the business, Anthony embraced the family business. Combining the mastery of the building trades with the formal background in business and finance, the two of them grew the company into a very successful residential and commercial builder of fine homes and professional offices. Chirco Ventures was formed to branch into residential and commercial development.


In 1993, Trademark Building Company was incorporated by Anthony as an exclusive semi-custom builder. Working side by side with Chirco Construction over the past twenty five years, Trademark has become a well-respected builder in the community. Over these years, Anthony has participated in nearly every aspect of the construction business.

A Licensed Builder, a Real Estate Broker, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management are institutional accomplishments Anthony is proud to have achieved so much in a business he cares so deeply about. He is also an accomplished home designer which is so beneficial to our home owners who can customize their new home to meet their life style and build their dreams.

Working in Monroe County with many of the communities most respected professionals, Trademark Building Company remains committed to working with each customer from conception to completion of their custom quality home. Today, although Giuseppe has passed, Trademark Building and Management remains a family business. Over the twenty five years since its inception, Trademark has built high end custom homes and semi-custom homes which allow new home owners to take an existing plan and customize it to fit their vision and lifestyle. We plan to build and contribute to our Michigan community for many years to come, and appreciate each and every homeowner that has chosen and embraced us.