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We know you have plenty of options for your new home, but we feel one thing that sets us apart is our dedication to a project before and after it’s completed. Take a peek at our process from first contact to after we hand over the keys.


NOW AVAILABLE: The Antoinette Multi-Generational Home

The Antoinette is one of the best homes we’ve brought to life since the Chirco’s have been building homes. It’s got that craftsman style, it’s a smart home, it’s energy efficient, and it’s a home big enough for returning family members.


NOW AVAILABLE: The Angela Split-Ranch Home

The Angela is one of our most unique models in that it gives the sense of traditional simplicity with a one story layout, but it has the space of a two story layout. And you’ll love that Sunday morning coffee front porch.

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We’ve spent countless years mastering “the blueprint,” and we’ve come up with 5 models that we feel are the absolute best of the bunch and a perfect place for you to start your journey to your new home. Fear not, every one of our homes is customizable. We’ll sit down with you to go over different floor plans and the ever-changing needs of your family.

Check out our latest project, The multi-generational Antoinette, and all of our other models homes.

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